Best Chessmen Ever

DGT Revelation II Test

The mother of all chessbots. Top notch. Powerful. Mighty high ELO.

Plays like a charm. Serial number is 010006, first five were test units. This is the first production machine and first one sold worldwide.

It boots like a serious machine. No instant turn-on.

A look at the book rack. Nice boobs ... Books!


DGT Revelation II Unboxed

This is the DGT Revelation II Phoenix Chess Systems chessbot. It's not even released yet.
Just received the package from a cousin in the DGT warehouse, testing the first production unit from the first production run, serial number 010006 (first five were testing units).
The pieces are of course our own DGT enabled BCE pieces, serial number S1EDGT0028.

The machine supports Rybka, HIARCS, Shredder and some other engines. Should be tough.

First impressions: Hefty but nice. Turns on.
Stay tuned.


Running PicoChess

PicoChess 0.17 running on Raspberry PI, DGT USB chessboard & Best Chessmen Ever S1EBDGT0028 pieces.

I gotta figure out how to get the electronics inside the XL clock. Heat is an issue. Maybe try with Rikomagic 802 II instead, it’s smaller.


A Dozen Chessboards

Reviewing the fundations of a chess game:



A custom job for a friend, his daughter is turning four. These will last her for a lifetime. I chose the colors carefully by trial and error. Refelted the magnetic slide top box thrice.


Tug my sleeve @bestchessmen if you want one. We’ll talk. :-)

In the background is my Cherry Red Dubrovnik, this one has the DGT sensors inside. A trained eye surely recognizes the DGT Walnut e-Board on the pic? Hi-tech. Not weighted, just as Bobby Fischer liked them.

At top right you can catch a glimpse of the latest red ZmartFun ZMF-II Chess Clock from the first factory run of the new model. Expect a review soon. Spoiler: Great clock! Top shit in the price range.


Blue Velvet

“She wore blue velvet
bluer than velvet were her eyes …”

On an odd nothing-to-do day I found some velvet on the shelf. Lined two of my personal Stage 1 sets (S1EB0010+ & S1EBDGT0020+) with it.


Nice custom job. Took me hours. Maybe we’ll do this for special customers. The shellac finish is custom too. I have too much time.

Note the separator on the older (DGT compatible) set. It was unnecessary and unpractical. Got rid of it in the next revision of the box. Added magnets, shuts close with a snap, standard on all our slide top boxes now.


OTB Against Deep Fritz 13

A test game against a computer running Deep Fritz 13 on a DGT electronic chessboard with our limited edition BCE S1 Eastern Black pieces. A perfect match. This particular set is customized with the king’s marks. I don’t need them, but I love them. A touch of old class.


DGT Test

We worked hard for this. The DGT cylinders are a tight fit. The chessmen are lighter than our standard sets with no loss of stability. This is preferred in competitive tornament play as the DGT e-boards are used in all events. The DGT pieces are never weighted.

Here’s me holding my breath:


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