Best Chessmen Ever

BCE Stage 1 on a Conchess Monarch

I modified our 3.5” Stage 1 Home edition chessmen to work with old electronic chessbots.

I simply printed rings for 12 mm flat magnets to hold them in place, glued them on the bottom and refelted.

BCE S1 3.5" Home Edition Chessmen

King size 3.5 inches, weight 40 grams. Total set weight 650 grams. No extra queens. Price? Very reasonable. Email me.


Here’s a size comparison to regular 3.75” chessmen:

height diameter weight
King 88 mm 38 mm 40 g
Queen 79 mm 34 mm 29 g
Bishop 71 mm 31 mm 20 g
Knight 67 mm 32 mm 29 g
Rook 53 mm 31 mm 26 g
Pawn 47 mm 27 mm 13 g


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