Best Chessmen Ever

The Tamper Resistant Serial

Every BCE set is serially numbered. The serial is on the certificate and stamped on the bottom of the white king. Then we glue the leather on to hide it just to mess with your mind. Is it there or is it not?

So we shoot a historic video of the procedure for each and every customer. Neat, right? Here’s an example, the white king from set S1EN0037 (Stage 1 Eastern Natural 37) for the international personality Mr. Jure Godler.

(We plan to improve on lighting in the future. This is no Hollywood production. We are getting there.)


Stage 1 King Eastern

Branded GNovak trademark is standard on all white BCE kings. The kings are serially numbered under genuine blue leather.
Stage 1 King Eastern White

The King's Mark

A nod to tradition. Marked king’s rooks and knights for old notation use. We brand ‘em like cattle.


Standard on Stage 2 sets, option for Stage 1.


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