The Gazebo Table

Just finished, this is what we'll use in our family gazebo. Nothing fancy. A rough old table, a little spray-on red paint, a dozen coats of shellac finish and a little elbow grease.

I say it looks good on the first sunny day of the year.

BCE S1ENS0049 - 07

I walked by a game in the park today. Spring is coming.


First Stainless Batch

Announcing limited availability of Stage 1 Eastern/Western Stainless BCE sets, this is the first batch with optional stainless steel bases. This are the exact replicas of the exclusive set made in black for Garry Kasparov by the Presidential order of Slovenia.

Get them while available. For prices check the Options page. For three minutes of pure awesomeness check the video below.

Specs: Weighted, FIDE size 2, king height 96 mm, base diameter 41 mm, weight 62 g. The pawns are 22 g each. Pretty much standard stuff.


The pics above are of the Eastern variety. The Westerns are very cool also, trust me now, believe me later.