Best Chessmen Ever

Slow Motion Pawn Capture Test

Another day, another test ...

Sets tested:


Dynamic GM Duo - B00 Fred Extravaganza

Kids today. I remember these two chasing poultry around the house, a dozen years later they are grandmasters. ELO 2518 and 2558 respectively.

Here are two games out of a fifty played that afternoon. The proposition was:
Opening is B00 Fred (accepted), 3 min vs. 1.5 min in favor of Black. Rough.

SIRC (Stability Issue Report Count): Zero.

PGN transcripts included (click “More Info” on YouTube). Games played with custom BCE Stage 1 Eastern Rh red chess set, serial no. S1ER0053+.


Rhapsody in Red

Obsessed with colors lately. Here’s a nice setup I did for the family. One of a kind.

The new Zmartfun deserves separate video review, stay tuned. The custom (and experimental) Rh Red color on my new BCE S1ER0053 turned out nice beyond expectations. Spectacular.


Custom Rh Red

Just came from the woodshop with our first custom “Rh Red” prototype set. It’s a keeper. This is my everyday set from here on. Most beautiful set ever in my mind.

Here’s the first evening photo, stay tuned:

BCE Stage 1 Eastern Red - S1ER0053+ - 3

Did you know we film the serial of each and every set? This one has a number of S1ER0053:


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