Best Chessmen Ever

Garry Kasparov presented with BCE

By presidential order, world champion Garry Kasparov was presented with a unique set of Best Chessmen Ever at recent World Youth Chess Championship 2012 in Maribor Slovenia. A special limited BCE 38 piece Stage 1 set in pitch black with triple weighted stainless steel based chessmen in a traditional Slovenian gift casket was chosen. Beautifulest chess set ever, best ever.

Kasparov’s first comment? “Heavy!”

Heavy indeed! Garry, you are The Man!


Presented in a traditional Slovene gift casket, this ultimate BCE set comes with additional (Eastern/Western) kings , extra promotionable queens and extra bishop pairs (Eastern/Western) for a total of 40 pieces. Eastern or Western, this set fits all the needs of an international grandmaster. Featuring highly polished stainless steel bases tor added durability and unprecedented stability. These chessmen are indestructible and best ever for the best player ever. Nothing and nobody even comes close. Only two sets made.

More photos of the BCE S1EWB+007 set for Garry Kasparov on flickr.


AngeBot the Tiltbot Chess Robot Video

See the machine in awesome action.

Talk about unprecedented. 74 degrees, nothing even comes close. These are the Best Chessmen Ever.

(It sayz so right there on the box.)


Pieces Blessed

A firend thought I was kidding. I was not. I had all the Western pieces blessed and then some.

Many thanks to reverend Janez Furman for his excellent and swift service. Godspeed!


Unprecedented Stability

A video of a very special set (only two in existence). Stainless steel bottom, Stage 2 intricate knights, gift casket and other goodies. A gift for a very special GM.

Impossible to knock over. Indestructible. Perfect blitz chessmen. Best Chessmen Ever.

The thing is, it’s all about the position of the 20 g weight and the shape of the foot. I studied and tested all kinds of sets with a homemade robot, the ones from Jaques of London usually came on top. So I borrowed the idea of sloped bottom edges, works great. These cannot be accidentaly knocked over. Also, creates a fine illusion of chessmen floating above the chessboard.


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